Given the high cost and inflationary nature of college tuition, College Funding Experts offers forward thinking families with still young children strategic financial planning to help them reduce costs and maximize tax benefits.  Additionally, we can provide guidance concerning your children’s extracurricular activities so you not only nurture their natural abilities & interests, but create an early resumé that will increase their chance of being accepted to their college of choice.



Our one-on-one student mentor services help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the entire college application process. We do that by providing individual student assessments, personality profile evaluations, an advanced career & college major search based on specific student interests, reviews of colleges that best align with each student’s preferences, SAT & ACT prep, essay review with recommendations, and more.



Contrary to what most colleges and universities would have you believe, working with their financial aid resources is not typically in your best interest. Remember that most colleges, even State schools, are looking to maximize their revenue to support their overhead; so their guidance is often biased in their favor.



At College Funding Experts, we know how to present required personal financial documents, the FAFSA application, CSS Profile completion, the Student Aid Report, (SAR) and more. We’ll even review Award Letters to confirm they are “fair” and help you draft “negotiation” letters to help secure a better offer. (Yes…Financial Aid is negotiable!)



Based on each student’s individual interests, resumé, achievements, choice of college(s), financial resources, and more. College Funding Experts has propriety tools to help identify student loan options, prospective grant & scholarship opportunities, and assist with applications. Our services are designed to help reduce the college costs as much as possible.



College Funding Experts’ experienced team of advisors uniquely understand financial planning to preserve capital for retirement and help reduce tax liability while leveraging strategies such as asset re-alignment and other financial investment tools to reduce declarable net worth on college financial forms. While we are not looking to replace your trusted financial advisor or team, we can share proven effective tactics that align with college application requirements while maintaining the integrity of your overall financial plan and long-term financial strategy.



College Funding Experts, in partnership with our experienced Advisory Board specialists, is the premier college consulting company combining coaching, mentoring and application services for student athletes.

Our team understands what NCAA coaches are looking for and can guide students seeking athletic scholarships how to train, build a resumé, and connect with college coaches. Because we’ve been doing this for a long time, our consultants are connected to virtually all college and university coaches for most college sports.

We also advise families about which school to pursue, keeping in mind that that only 2% of high school athletes are awarded full athletic scholarships. So getting the right education and employing good financial planning are essential considerations for every student athlete.


Pamela Antonacci

This company has given my family hope again, I couldn't see a way for my daughter to go to college until I met the CEO Mr. Josh Ulrich. He was the kind and compassionate, he guided me through the process and now my daughter is ready to attend college.

Clarinda Ross

I think my husband and I were like a lot of parents - meaning, as our son entered his senior year we found ourselves very financially unprepared. Finding College Funding Experts changed that immediately.

Larry Richards

I've known Josh Ulrich for 25 plus years. He is a awesome person. Very willing to help you out in any way possible!!!

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